About IMPERIA-PROPERTY company. Real estate in Spain

Buying property in Spain is a great opportunity to change your life forever and settle in a European country, which differs in the high standard of living, in hospitality of the people, and a wonderful warm climate. Also you shouldn't forget, that buying property in Spain- is a long-term investment, that would preserve and increase your capital. IMPERIA-PROPERTY will help you become the owner of the apartments or villa in Spain with a minimal investment of time and funds.

We consider the main benefits of our services are several factors. As the company IMPERIA-PROPERTY cooperates exclusively with direct property owners in Spain and large construction companies, We also have a database of banking (mortgage) real estate, which is interesting by lower, than market value, you have the unique opportunity to choose the perfect accommodation. We can not only choose villa or apartments , completely satisfy all your desires, but accompanied by all stages of transaction, and also to provide favorable conditions of acquisition of the pleasant object. Not the first year our team works at the market of the Spanish real estate . During this time it has been acquired the extensive experience and trust not only at sellers, and at clients, that have already become owners of property in this solar country.

What do you get, having entrusting us with assistance in buying a property in Spain?

Firstly, individual approach and satisfaction of any your wishes throughout all process of the transaction. Our specialists are ready to select the optimal objects, match your requests from a huge database of Spanish property. It should be noted, that having used our services, you have the opportunity to purchase any property from economical apartments to exclusive luxury objects. We always provide comprehensive advice on all matters with the legal, financial and any other parties of your interests.

Besides, before purchase, you can appreciate the advantages of living in the chosen villa or apartment during a familiarization tour, wich we will develop especially for you. And ,of course ,IMPERIA-PROPERTY company specialists are always ready to help in obtaining visas and residence permits, acquisition of tickets and booking of hotels, to transfere you from an airport to your future home.

Secondly, buying property in Spain with the help of our company on the 100% is a guarantee of , that you buy an object, is competently issued from legal side. Before inclusion in the catalog our experts thoroughly study all housing offered for sale. Lawyers of the company provide full legal service of the transaction. Separately it should be noted financial appeal of work with us. Worked out schemes of work with sellers and developers give the chance to offer beneficial prices. In our work we adhere to the maximum financial transparency of transactions . And it means, that there are no hidden commissions or unplanned payments. You can be sure that, that the sounded price is final and completely corresponds to actual project cost. It should be noted, that thanks to favorable terms of mortgage lending (loan rate from 3.3-5.5 %) , buying Spanish property is a very attractive option to become the owner of elite housing by European standards.

Thirdly, on signing the contract of sale IMPERIA-PROPERTY does not stop the cooperation with you. We can help you not only to make moving, but also to adjust comfortable life in the minimum terms. Our company is proud, that offers exhaustive after-sale service. It includes connection and control of all communications, registration of necessary documents and insurence, assistance in purchasing home appliances or furniture, assistance in obtaining residence permits, help in registration of children in the public Spanish school.

Fourthly, our company renders services on construction of houses "turnkey. The Spanish architects will help to embody all your ideas about the ideal house in the sketches on paper, but we do it on your own site by the sea.

Agree, that this is more than enough, to entrust us with the purchase of your Spanish home .



Why it is worth getting the real estate in Spain

Spain is considered one of the most attractive European countries for relocation and home buying . Except an opportunity to become the owner of elite apartments or villas you get a number of other advantages in prestigious resort areas . Especially among them it is worth to highlight the following :

Free movement over all countries of the Schengen area.

The opportunity to travel around the world with minimum delay for issuing visas .

An attractive option for long-term investment in real estate, the value of which is growing every year.

Free education for children at the Spanish schools.

Full protection of civil rights in accordance with the legislation of the European Union.

The ability to open bank accounts and use attractive credit conditions.

Registration for a simplified procedure for residence in Spain for you and your family.

The opportunity to fully and legally work or develop your own business.

And this is only a small part of the benefits, that you get, selecting this country for residence and deciding to buy property in Spain.