Spain is one of the few countries, in which, once having stayed, you want to return again and again. And even better, to purchase here the real estate and to enjoy an enchanting variety of the nature, excellent climate, the centuries-old culture, fantastic local colour and the atmosphere of the country, which gave the world so many geniuses, left a trace in the history of mankind.


This country by right is considered one of the most attractive European countries from the point of view of rest, tourism and life. No wonder the Spanish resorts are considered one of the most fashionable places, where you can completely relax and forget about your problems and concerns.


Spain strikes with a variety of climate and conditions for life, where everyone can find the perfect option for yourself. Mediterranean climate with a temperature, that almost never drops below zero and range from +8 in winter to +25-+30 in summer , it is characterized by short winter and all year round sunshine .

Spain is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. Almost the entire coast is a resort area, which will be appreciated by fans of comfortable rest. At the time, as on the Spanish beaches the sun and the warm sea undividedly reigns, in the Pyrenees snow all the year round does not descend, giving a fine opportunity to fans of active recreation to estimate ski resorts of Sierra-Nevada and Sierra-de-Gvadarram (near Madrid).

But not only the climate attracts to this country fans of comfortable life. Spanish culture by right is considered one of the most ancient and original. It presented to the world geniuses of scale Salvador Dalí and Gaudi, unimaginable set of masterpieces of architecture, literature and other areas, you'll enjoy, having visited Spain or having purchased the real estate here.


Costa Blanca- this is 218 km of coastline with excellent beaches, genial sunshine and the warm sea, variety of flora and fauna, with a genuine Spanish atmosphere of celebration of life, to rightfully be called a piece of happiness on the Earth


Certainly, the most attractive are considered beach resorts of Costa Blanca . On the coast there are located 115 perfectly clean beaches, 32 of which are noted by "A blue flag", indicator, that conditions for rest meet the most strict standards here. And what the Spanish coast is without yachts. You can anchor your own ship or rent a yacht in any of 10 637 piers. Even if you are not tempted in the art of navigation it's never too late to learn. After all, at the coast of Costa Blanca work 17 yacht clubs and 11 marines, at which shkipersky schools work. Exactly here a number of world-class yacht tournaments are held. Among them stands out Tabarca Ciudadde Alicante Trophy and Costa Blanca Regatta - cruise class yacht Championship.

Also diving fans will feel itselves in their element on the Costa Blanca . Waters of this region are rich with various underwater fauna and flora. Besides, on the piracy island Tabarka and on the cape San Antonio there are locatted two charming natural reserves


We also recommend to pay attention to one of the largest Spanish amusement parks Terra Mitica, built in the style of ancient civilizations. Everyone here, regardless of age will find entertainment for the soul and for a while again will feel joy of children's happiness .

The internal landscape of Costa Blanca is created by valleys and terraced of Valld'Ebo , Vallde Gallinera or Vallde Seta. People settled in this place long before our era. Centuries passed, the people and cultures changed and mixed up. The result is incredibly bright , picturesque and unforgettable atmosphere of Costa Blanca. Diversity of cultural layers can only be amazed . So far, this area of Spain is known for its festivals, shows and carnivals. People are able to feel taste of life and to have fun here, forgetting about everything.

If you are planning to move to reside in Spain, we can safely recommend you property of Costa Blanca-area, where successfully combines great climate, world famous beaches and unique atmosphere .



Among tourists Torrevieja is considered one of the most popular tourist regions in Spain . Here it is possible to have a rest and spend time perfectly, and it's possible to lodge forever, purchasing property in this area.

This Spanish area can offer everything, what your heart desires: amazing beaches, four of which were awarded the blue flag quality and thermal springs, 320 sunny days in a year, salty lakes with water , not inferior on the curative properties to the Dead Sea, and corners of untouched nature with a variety of inhabitants . And all this splendour complements many parks , platforms for the rest, democratic pubs and luxurious restaurants, tennis courts and golf clubs. In Torrevieja there is everyting, what is needed for happiness, so why not spend life in this corner of paradise land.

But not only beaches and other natural sights is Torrevieja proud of. Today it is a modern European city with all infrastructure, necessary for full-fledged living. Here is everything necessary for a comfortable life : schools, a hospital, sports complexes, many shopping centres and cosy markets with unique atmosphere. The City operates five golf and three bowling clubs. Besides, Is is one of the major Spanish centres for shopping and outlets.

It is important and advantageous geographical location of Torrevieja. It is located at a distance of 4.5-hour flight from Moscow, for five hours on the train you can get to Barcelona, but just two hours to the Spanish capital of Madrid.

That's why Torrevieja can be regarded as a great place to live in Spain or a variant of profitable real estate investments. IMPERIA-PROPERTY company will help you quickly and profitably acquire any housing in this region.