An important feature of the, thanks to which the acquisition of real estate in Spain is an excellent option for investment in real estate and is a well-developed system of mortgage lending in the country. IMPERIA-PROPERTY company has extensive experience in this field and cooperates with leading Spanish banks. Thanks to our help you will be able to issue the request, documents and to obtain an acquisition loan of the interesting real estate in the minimum terms. As practice shows, more than a half of our clients purchase apartments and villas in Spain by means of credit programs. This allows you to save your money.


Programs of mortgage lending allow to obtain a loan with the following provisions:

-The initial contribution averages from 40 up to 50 per cent of the total value of the object.

-The interest rate on mortgages is at the level of 3-6% p.a., favorably differing from 13-17% according to Russian programs of mortgage lending.

-Mortgage loan is granted for a period of up to 25 years.

— On average time of consideration of the request and receiving the credit makes 3 weeks.

The expertise of our lawyers virtually eliminates the chance of refusal to grant credit for the purchase of housing.

The specialists of the company fully undertake the preparation of all necessary certificates.