How does the procedure of purchasing a property in Spain

From the beginning of the, that is the expression of the desire to become an owner of real estate in Spain until, When you fully become the master of luxury villa or respectable apartments, located in the best, from all points of view, areas of the country it is necessary to pass only five stages. On each of the employees of the company-PROPERTY will IMPERIA any help and will make all, the transaction passed easily, quickly and successfully.

On the first- preparatory phase- managers will be happy to listen to your wishes and will take into account all, even the smallest nuances. After all, we understand, how responsible thing- buying property in another country and want, to make it the ideal accommodation. At this stage, our main joint task to understand, How do you see your Spanish home and make, to coincide with the dream reality.


The selection process of suitable criteria objects from our database, that includes virtually all real estate sold in respectable Spanish areas, and the preparation of full proposals takes usually 1-2 day.

If you previously fit one or more of the proposed options, then it's time to go to Spain on tour, in order to take a decision and to explore future home. This will be the second step towards the dream of your own house in Spain.

As with any stage of the transaction, all the preparation of your visit to Spain we will take care of itself.. If necessary, our company is ready to provide visa support and purchasing tickets, Hotel search, Shuttle service.


Upon arrival at the site you will be able to sit in comfortable hotel, use the services of a guide-interpreter. View pre-selected objects passes, accompanied by our Manager free. Not only does it provide full information on the object and tell about its features, but also get acquainted with the surroundings and local attractions. In order , to give you an opportunity to make informed choices, we do not limit our customers ' views. So you can familiarize yourself with all of the selected objects and then choose and most suitable under requests.


Now is the time to start the third phase and pay attention to the basic formalities. For official conduct all calculations will need to spend a little time and open an account at a Spanish bank. Our staff will help you get this procedure, that only takes an hour.

After that it is necessary to pass another formal procedure and obtain an NIE-foreigner identification number, that allows foreigners to acquire real estate and auto. Before signing the final contract our lawyers will study thoroughly again all the documentation on the purchased object for its legal purity and absence of encumbrances, restrictions and debts of the former owner. Then comes the preparation of full package of all necessary documents. If necessary, IMPERIA-PROPERTY is ready to provide full support in obtaining a mortgage, which is available at a much more favorable terms, than in Russia. By the way, with the help of a mortgage is acquired more than half of the real estate in Spain.

Comes fourth, the most solemn moment-the signing of the public deed of sale, all accompanying documents, notarization of transactions. And finally, You get the keys. From this moment you are the rightful owner of a comfortable and cozy home. Now you can safely send invitations to friends housewarming party, and if you want to get a residence permit.



After the final signing of documents and transfer keys, the original sales agreement is sent to the Registro de la Propiedad. Through 2-3 the month you get the contract back or, If the accommodation was acquired on terms of mortgage lending, the Treaty will be forwarded to the Bank.

Now, When you have an apartment or Villa is the time to get comfortable in a new place. If this process will cause some difficulties, then for our clients there are the fifth final stage transaction to acquire real estate in Spain-after sales service.

Under this program, our staff will help arrange insurance, connect all the necessary infrastructure, Select and purchase vehicles or appliances, to make repairs or alterations in your new home. On request we will also provide a translator and help arrange the children to school.

If your needs differ from the standard procedure, We are always ready to meet and develop an individual program you are interested in purchasing housing. Imperia-property care about each client and makes all, to dream of a life in Spain became a reality.