In order , to help you to make acquisition of the real estate in Spain the simplest and to remove everything, the efforts connected with it, specialists of IMPERIA-PROPERTY offer a complete and comprehensive service for all transactions.

Range of services, provided by the company, includes:

Legal maintenance

Professional legal support of transactions with the real estate is one of the key points , which allows to avoid any troubles, as during execution of the transaction, and in the future. Using the services of the company, you'll have no trouble:

-Get required for a foreigner NIE-identification number.

-Open an account in any Spanish Bank and get the opportunity to use the services of mortgage lending.

-To receive a complete set of documents, associated with the transaction and titles of ownership for the purchased real estate object , designed in accordance with the requirements of the Spanish law.

-If you need to claim all documents from the seller, which are necessary for check of purity of an object regarding debts and stay under pledge or other encumbrances.

-Notarial certification of documents and services contract.

-At desire to use services of the highly skilled translator.